If you are looking for coupons or vouchers or promo codes for anything to do with hardware, DIY and tools we will supply them for you. Upload your vouchers, promo codes and coupons for free. If you have recently used a voucher or coupon to save money help other by sharing the code. Send it in from any store in America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the UK and we’ll help you help others save thousands of dollars week to week, hour by hour or their DIY adventures.

How online voucher codes and coupons work?

• Search for a store name or product you want
• Copy the code from your results
• Paste the code in the checkout area when you are ready to buy, It’s so easy!!

Our aim is to provide all the vouchers, coupons and promo codes we can from around the globe that will help save the keen DIY person or serious builder. We’ll offer great deals and discounts from around the globe on tool sites, hardware, building supplies and all things DIY so become involved and send in your coupon code, voucher or promotion to help other likeminded hardware and DIY enthusiasts save thousands or dollars hour after hour. Just get in touch and we’ll load the coupon for free. If you’re a hardware company, paint supplier or tool maker if you have a special offer for an online price we’ll post it on the site free of charge.

Check Great Savings From Faucet.com and Lighting Showplace delivering to America and Canada 

Fall Savings Of $15 When You Spend $249 With Coupon FALL15 At Faucet.com. For Web Orders Only. Hardware and Power Tools Vouchers, Coupons and Promo Codes

Fall Savings Of $15 When You Spend $249 With Coupon FALL15 At LightingShowplace.com. For Web Orders Only. Hardware and Power Tools Vouchers, Coupons and Promo Codes

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UK Home Base DIY Vouchers

If you’re looking for DIY vouchers for savings in the UK Home Base chain the vouchers are actually easier to find than you might imagine.

The home improvement giant based in the UK with with 342 stores across the United Kingdom and Republic of Irelandwill regularly send out vouchers and deals to us. If you came to look for Home Base vouchers or Home Base coupon codes, you have come to the right place.

If you share with others that you want a Home Base voucher we’ll get a site wide voucher for the UK but other times, it’s deals for individual items. Entering a voucher code is easy at HomeBase.co.uk because it’s right on your checkout screen.

Once you have some items hardware or DIY things in your cart and you are ready to buy, go to the checkout screen and you will see a section called “Code” near the checkout button. Why shop any other way save by shopping online for all you DIY and Hardware needs from the comfort of your own home and get delivery from over 342 stores across the UK?

All you have to do is go there, type in your voucher code. If the voucher code applies to the items you have in your cart, the pricing should update and show the discount you have received or free delivery depending on the size of your online purchase

If you have found a useful coupon, voucher code or promo code for any DIY Store or Hardware store anywhere in the world send it in and we’ll publish it so you can share it free of charge and help others save money at the checkout.

Don’t forget the latest vouchers for hardware and DIY, coupons, coupon codes or promo codes will update the App in Playstore from MastersHardware so you can get the best price while on the move.

Let us know of any deals you’ve found today so we can get them published for you.

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Building Decks – Planning to DIY

Building decks in time for summer is all about DIY planning. If you have a pool the kind of deck you build near it will depend on a couple of factors being what you want from the deck and the constraints of the area.

Nothing beats the flow of an inside out feel with the deck straight off the living area. However you may just want new decking for around your pool which may be a fair way away from your house. Your local hardware store will have some great decking ideas for you. Firstly in your planning ask yourself what furniture do you want on the deck? Do you need a deck with insulated roofing and full power supply? You might want to consider an outdoor kitchen and how many people will you be entertaining on it?

If you have a copy of the house plan which you should do if it’s part of your renovation then sketch the deck onto the house. It’s at this point you may need a draftsperson and take your plans to council to get the deck approved by your local council. Also remember when costing the project you’ll most likely need to hire a plumber and electrician.

When planning for the perfect deck keep in mind you may also need to remove trees and other debris from the area and level out the land. If drainage is an issue call in a plumber for some professional advice. Choose your decking materials carefully and the deck should be coated in in outdoor finish, even if it’s covered. If it sits near or butts up against the pool mat sure you pick the right timber and paint finish for water exposed areas. Decks around pools need to be tough for all types of situations.

There are inspirational uses of space that don’t have to break the bank and you’ll find you will use your outdoor area more often when you have the right look and feel of your decking area.

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Renovation Designs – DIY Decorating

If planning renovation designs from the structural elements of your DIY renovation, it’s a great idea to go with timeless designs. However if you’re decorating these is an opportunity to have more scope and be bold with what’s in trend at the moment. It’s a fact that elements of interior design have always been influenced by the past but this year sees us reflecting back to decades gone by.

It’s easy to take on too much as a lot of your favourite renovations TV shows always display but if you keep the design simple you have room to improve. A simple example is an Art Deco lamp put in with modernist furnishings is never going to work. The best idea is to choose a decade and include three elements with your contemporary pieces.
A trending decade right now is the 70’s so why not mix it up a bit with the design and try a mirrored coffee table on top of a shaggy rug and patterned cushions on a new sofa.

So by now you’ve seen from TV just what great items you can get from op shops to make over a whole new design look and you can do it all for a budget. Antique stores are making a big come back the modern interior decorator. With these retro styles making a comeback manufacturers and home improvement stores and making your DIY job easier by starting to stock cost effective pieces that look retro to capture the trend but won’t cost you the earth.

Get online and look for funky design and email any questions or send photos to us we’ll come back to you with some ideas on what you can do to have a modern interior designer pass on their thoughts. It’s hardware and soft finishes that will make you the most money on your latest DIY project.

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